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VENEZUELA 70 Latin America 1970s Double LP Vinyl NEW

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Cat no. SJRLP335

Track Listing

1. Vytas Brenner - Araguaney
2. Pablo Schneider - Amor En Llamas
3. Un Dos Tres y Fuera - Machu Picchu
4. Miguel Angel Fuster - Polvo Lunar
5. Angel Rada - Basheeba
6. Fernando Yvosky - Barcos De Papel
7. Un Dos Tres y Fuera - Son De Tambor y San
8. Juan Vytas Brenner - Bang-GoingGone
9. Aldemaro Romero y Su Onda Nueva - Irene
10. Miguel Angel Fuster - Dame De Comer
11. Un Dos Tres y Fuera - San Juan, Tambor Y Fuera
12. Ofrenda Vytas Brenner - Caracas Para Locos
13. Grupo C.I.M. - Joropo No. 1
14. Angel Rada - Panico a Las 5am
15. Apocalipsis - Ayudame a Encontrar Mi Camino
16. Miguel Angel Fuster - La Quema De Judas

Double 12” LP Vinyl

Soul Jazz Records’ new Venezuela 70 is the first ever album of its kind to take a look at the ground breaking experimental rock music made in Venezuela in the 1970s - a time when the country was both a modern cultural and economic powerhouse in Latin America.
Most of the artists featured remain practically unknown outside of Venezuela’s borders, and yet their progressive, forward-thinking music is some of the most sophisticated in the world.
A stunning ‘melting pot’ mix of underground rock, synthetic electronics, funk, jazz and Latin American rhythms, it explored new sounds and broke down musical boundaries to create a distinct and unique Venezuelan sound and cultural identity